The Public Phase of capital campaigns are all about communicating through many channels, over weeks, months and sometimes years. New Media’s videos provide fundraisers with powerfully compelling assets, connecting with and energizing those you are trying to move to give. We work with you to create stories that echo themes that align your Institution with causes near to the hearts of your stakeholders. 

I can’t thank you enough for the incredible films. You could feel the reaction in the room.  We are going to announce today that the Fund-A-Need made $49,100 last night.  Totally blew me out of the water though I knew we were capable of it.
— Sarah Bartlett, Program Director - North Shore United Way

Engineered for Performance

Since January 2014 and the launch of New Media’s videos, we have raised an additional $5 million dollars towards our goal.
— Diana Batchelder Mathey Director, Pingree Fund and Leadership Giving

Every institution’s story is unique.

New Media-produced video programs are having a proven impact on our clients’ capital development campaigns. 

Securing financial support for multi-million dollar campaigns requires outreach of many kinds – mail, phone calls, tweets, emails and meetings.  Our clients have found that being able to email a link to a short, highly focused video can make a million-dollar difference in response. It’s a light touch in your sales funnel with a powerful impact, generating buzz and buy-in among even the hardest-to-move prospects in your sales funnel.